Losing Purpose

Last night, over beef, chips, cookies, and lots of testosterone….

Bunkered down in the “no girls allowed room” the guys did guys things – at least until it was time to watch the Knights Templar DVD and I had to ask for some technical assistance from my 14 year old daughter – embarrasing.

These warrior monks were considered one of the strangest phenomenas of Medieval history – uniting two conflicting ideals, war and worship, for a common purpose – to serve the King of Kings!

If they would have just stopped right there – united in their God honoring purpose – perhaps history would be different.

But as the great theologian Peter Parker once said “With great power comes great responsibility”.

The Knights acquired land and castles by gifts, conquests, and purchases in every part of Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.  They became a church with a church – a state within a state.  Their power went awry. When their order was destroyed in 1314, their enemy was not Muslims, but Christians.  As a group they were accused of heresy, treachery, sodomy, usury, blasphemy, and idolatry.  The religious ruler of their final days, Pope Clement, described them as horrible, wicked, and detestable.

It is sad that this group of dedicated men, who strove to unite the contrary virtues of monk and warrior, and who gave their lives willingly for their faith, lost their purpose.

One take away from the Knights Templar is this – seek, find, and stay true to your God give purpose.  Wander away, and you have chosen:

“Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse.” – Deuteronomy 11:26

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