Top 10 Worst Small Group Ice Breakers

I cringe each time I have to play an ice breaker game.  I get the “why” behind the exercises, but some to the questions are just unintentionally painful.

But I would LOVE to play the game if we could use THESE questions:

10. Which famous criminal would you say you are most like, and why?

9. What is your deepest, darkest, secret?

8. If you were lead pastor of our church, which staff member would you fire first?

7. What is your biggest pet peeve–of people in this small group?

6. What is your favorite white-lie to tell for why you are skipping small group?

5. What is your top 10 list of things that annoy you about our church?

4. Which couple in this group do you most wish would go join a Parenting Group at church?

3. Share one (only one please) of your spouse’s secrets that they don’t want shared, but you know would get a great laugh from this group?

2. What’s the worst snack you’ve ever eaten–at this small group?

1. In the next election, who do you think everyone in this group needs to vote for (if they claim to be real Christians)?

– Thanks Frank Chiapperino


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