Largest Growing Religion Is?

Not what or who you may think.

When I stumbled upon these most recent stats from the American Religious Identification survey, I was shocked!

First, some perspective:

1. The largest single religious denomination in the USA – Catholics
1990: 46 million
2001: 51 million
% change: +11

2. Baptists:
1990: 33.9 million
2001, 33.8 million (keep an eye on this trend)
% change: ~0

Now for some non-Christian faiths
1990: 3.1 million
2001: 2.8 million
% change -10

1990: 0.5 million,
2001: 1.1 million
% change: +120

1990, 0.2 million,
2001: 0.8 million,
% change +300

3. No Religion:
1990: 14 million,
2001: 29 million
% change +107% !!

At 29 million members, “no religion” is the largest growing religion in our country, representing 14% of our population.  Third only to Catholics and Baptists.

Begs the questions, where are all of their converts coming from?

The answer is clear, from your church and mine.

Church, are you listening?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Gravesland on November 14, 2008 at 12:01 PM

    I wonder.

    Of those that now say they have no “religion”, how many came from a Christian Church and realize that “relationship” not “religion” is what God is after?

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