Paying It Forward (and behind you too)

File this under LOVE is a verb….

So my sister Suz sent me the following idea that’s being encouraged by a local Christian radio station:

The Drive-Thru Difference.

1. Print out the Drive-Thru Difference Letter here (print as many as you want!)


You don’t know me, but I just paid for your order. There’s no catch – It’s just something I felt like doing. I got this idea from the radio station, Spirit FM. It’s at 90.5 on the dial. They call it the “Drive Thru Difference.” Maybe you’ll feel like doing it for Difference.” Maybe you’ll feel like doing it for someone too! Just reuse this letter!


The stranger in the car ahead of you

P.S. I hope this blesses your day!

2. As you go about your day and head through your favorite coffee shop or fast food drive-thru, simply pay for the person behind you. Usually, by the time you’ve reached the window, they’ve taken the next order, but you might have to wait a second or two. (Don’t be surprised when you get a confused look from the person at the window!)

3. Hand the cashier the Drive-Thru Difference letter. Ask him to give the letter to the person you just treated and let God do the rest!

Be creative – you can go to a coffee shop, a fast food restaurant, maybe even a gas station! The sky is the limit!

Here is the first fruit of this act of love:

I wanted to share a drive thru story with you. Today, I went to Wendy’s with my last 7 dollars and change to eat a somewhat decent lunch. Things have been terrible for me the last couple of years and this week, this moment seems to be the absolute worst of times. I had to give up my Mustang for a $500 mini van, my business has tanked bigtime and now, if things don’t change soon, I will most likely lose my home. So I decide to get something to eat with the last of my cash and this woman ahead of me pays for my lunch and the girl at the window hands me this letter. I had to pull over and cry, only because I could not pay it forward as I only had exactly enough money for what I was purchasing and was afraid the person behind me might have ordered something more expensive that I just couldn’t pay for.

I would really like that woman to know how she made my day. How she turned my horrible feelings into feelings of hope. I would have left a message on your voice mail, but I don’t think at this time I could do it without breaking down and sobbing all over the place, so I just decided to write this letter. You may read this letter on air, in fact, if you wouldn’t mind I would appreciate it as I would love that woman to know what a difference she has made by a simple little jesture. So, if you are listening, woman in that little white car at Wendy’s at approximately 11:30am on Missouri Avenue in Clearwater , Thank you so much for your good intentions. I promise you, I will carry this letter with me in my vehicle and when things improve, I will pay it forward. Thanks again for restoring some faith in humanity and God Bless you all

Sincerely yours,



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lindsay on November 14, 2008 at 11:51 PM

    Hey buddy :).. I did this with the Murge kids like a year ago. They were all given 3 post it notes and they had to find 3 anonymous gifts to give (like paying for someone else) or an action (like cleaning a siblings room:) and leave the post it note with an encouraging note to remind them God loves them. But it was supposed to be anonymous… the kids actually had some fun stories from it 😉

  2. Hey Mr. Roy.
    I got the opportunity to do this last Wednesday night on my way home from a meeting at church. I looked in my rearview mirror as I drove away and saw the woman crying and reading the letter. I couldn’t help but tear up and I prayed for her that evening many times before I laid my head down on my pillow to sleep and many times after.

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