Hard Weekend

What do you do when one of your best friends has his world collapse upon him – and it collapses publicly?

Yea – I get it.  Pray….of course (and will you pray for him too)?

But what do we DO?

Once I got the word, I knew I had to find him.  Instinct? Love? Concern?  Maybe, but I don’t think so.  But I knew that he was in the darkest place of his life, and just maybe it’s a little less scary in the dark when you are not alone.

Never before have I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit more clearly and tangible.

3 instructions:

1 – Join him in the pit

2 – Love him unconditionally

3 – Give him hope for tomorrow

In our darkest hour, our perspective of truth is shadowed.

Sometimes God seems to have disappeared.

The crush of circumstances overwhelm us.

If Jesus was literally still walking this earth Saturday night, I have no doubt that He would have joined my friend in his living room.  Instead, God chose to use the Holy Spirit to prompt one of His kids to personally deliver the message.

Too many times I have ignored that strange prompting, and regretted it.

Do not ignore the strange instructions of the Holy Spirit. Be obedient. Deliver His message.  Then give HIM the praise.

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