Does Anyone Care!!!

Why is she laughing?

Why are they enjoying their lunch?

Why are they playing music and talking commercials on the radio?

Don’t they know that my world just came crashing down?

Why isn’t THE world mourning MY world?

Have you been there?  Have you experienced a tragedy in you life that so consumes you that you feel disconnected with life around you and almost resent the fact that everyone else seems to not give a d#&*?  Perhaps this is the sentiment of my good friend who is hurting right now.

There is something deep inside of us that yearns for empathy…craves understanding…and cries out for companionship when our world as we knew it was just turned upside down.

But could it be that the momentum of life, the everyday continued action of others that occurs at the very moment that our life comes to a screeching halt….could it be that this is our “rainbow” from God telling us that all is ok…He IS still on the throne…the sun will come up tomorrow?

Thinking through this ironic inevitability, I guess I really don’t want the world to stand still, paralyzed with me.  I think I do need it’s momentum to continue. It’s not that they don’t care.  It’s that God knows I need to see that its going to be ok…eventually.

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