Put That Thing AWAAAAY!!!!!!

(Disclaimer – heavy justification to follow…)

My cell phone of choice is my central command…my virtual Swiss Army Knife. It is not only my communications hub, It is my knowledge base – the very nerve center of all that I do.

But at times it gets me in trouble!

Case in point, church service yesterday.  With the pastor bringing the heat, I had my iPhone nestled inconspicuously at my side.  Open were 3 critical Apps:

1. Evernote – If you are like me,  I am constantly bombarded by information – much more than my brain can handle. So, I end up forgetting all sorts of things. With Evernote, I can capture all of those experiences, ideas, and memories, from both my real and digital life that would otherwise slip away.  Yesterday I used it to quickly type thoughts and revelations that popped into my head as the Pastor spoke.

2. YouVersion Bible App – A really cool revolutionary online Bible.  I use this app to quickly open to his referenced verses and then quickly swap translations. Love reading the different perspectives – fast!

3. Twitter – As the Holy Spirit reveals an “Ah Ha” moment, BAM – I tweet (type out that thought and send it to those that follow me).  The cool thing is that many of my Twitter friends that I follow do the same thing Sunday mornings.  So I then have more than a weeks worth of spiritual nuggets to think about.  It’s so cool to read what God reveals to my friends….so rich.

But somehow I must get over this cell phone stigma – worried more of what others may think when they see me fiddling with my phone. I promise I am not playing my new favorite phone game Field Runner…usually.

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