The Etiquette of Blind CC’s

Blind carbon copy (abbreviated BCC) refers to the practice of sending an email message to multiple recipients in such a way that what they receive does not contain the complete list of recipients.



In fact – when used properly, a BCC protects your email address from those on the mass email that may have other not so good uses for your personal contact.  For those who still insist of forwarding emails of cute/funny/moving stories – at least if you BCC all of us, others won’t get the idea that we actually like and read forwarded emails.


But after spending a few hours mediating conflict resolution between two of my friends yesterday – I gotta share a warning with you about bcc’s gone bad.

Anytime you BCC anybody on an email exchange – assume that everyone involved (especially the one that you are hiding the fact that you were being sneaky) will somehow eventually read all of the correspondence, and then wonder why you were sharing what appeared to be a personal exchange with others.

The fall out from the loss of trust will do more lasting damage to the relationship than a simple cc would ever do.

If you feel the need to BCC someone else – CC them instead!


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