Knee Deep in the Hoopla


I think Jefferson Starship sang it best back in 1985  as “We Built This City” rocketed to Billboard #1 and then crashed back down to earth in 2004 when Blender magazine named it the #1 worst song of all time.

But there is something endearing and almost theological about this tune that some say single handedly killed rock and roll in the 80’s.

Knee Deep in the Hoopla.

Conjures to mind:



One had on sword / the other on the brick and mortar

Ahh, that slippery slope with blurred lines between total dependence upon God and free will independence.

Take a wrong step and you’ll end up here: Genesis 4:11

They built a city (security) and a tower that reached towards Heaven (praise).  But their tower of Babel was built was for the praise of man, and was all about human independence and self-sufficiency apart from God. They believed that they had no need for God. Their technology and social unity give them confidence in their own ability.

Contrast Nehemiah 4:

Each labored on the work with one hand and held his weapon with the other. Though Nehemiah and the people prayed and trusted God for protection, they also kept their weapons close at hand.

Faith – Trust – Obedience…equal parts, not shaken but stirred with the…ummm…lets say a Gladius, a single-handed double-edged thrusting sword.images

To be that Warrior Worshipper that I so desire to be…

I must be Knee Deep in the Hoopla…..


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