7 Rules For a Happy Connection

Caution – Rant Ahead.

Ok, so this is just one guy’s opinion.  Who am I to decree cell phone/voice mail/email etiquette?

I also fully recognize the risk I run by posting this – I know my buddies, and I know how they think.  My voice and email box will certainly fill with spoofs of what I’m getting ready to write – but I just gotta do it, here it goes:

Cell Phone Voice Mail:

– When leaving a message, please do not just say “hey, its (insert high school nickname), call me back.  Most phones these days tell us you called.  We get that.  Tell us WHY you called – we know you DID call.

– Your message – brevity is KING.  It’s like you have the basketball for a last second shot – you have 10 seconds to make it happen.  Have a game plan!  Don’t be like a message that I received yesterday that was three minutes and 52 seconds long – AND included a yawn somewhere in the middle!


– Please, for the love of GOD, no more Forwards!  We get it – its touching, funny, life saving, etc.  I love original stuff – if we all took the same amount of time we take in reading and forwarding other stuff and used that time to write what God is doing or showing YOU…..mmmm.

– Take 3 seconds and correct the RE: – An email heading of “Good Morning” that has been responded to some 12 times, and now it is dark outside?  3 seconds, thats all it takes….

BCC’s – nothing will get you in more trouble.  Don’t do it!


– Somehow we must collectively decide who gets the last word.  If I dont respond to your witty text with a “lol” or “ha-ha”, you think I’m offended or lack a sense of humor.  So I feel compelled to let you know that what you just sent me was funny.  Now, should you then tell me “thanks” for complimenting your previous text?  Round and Round and Round….help!

– For at least the first 2 times that you send someone a text, identify yourself!  Most of us have zero cognitive brain cells left.  We are completely dependant upon our speed dials and address books.  If you have yet to make it into said book – your full name, picture, and somthing memorable about how I should know you would be sooooo helpful.

Whew….much better.  Thank you.  My cell should be ringing right about…..now.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I guess I’m thankful that for now, you and I communicate via Twitter or email…until we get closer to 2/15…

  2. Posted by David G. on January 15, 2009 at 8:27 AM

    But wait, you missed a few
    1. I am all for the Great American Cell out. Yes, is it possible that one day just one, that we could go without our cell phones.
    2.New Class, Cell-abrate Recovery for those who need it. Call me if you do, on second thought just stop by the house.
    3.Test. Think of the one place you don’t use your phone, if your still thinking then there is a problem.

  3. Posted by Jeff on January 15, 2009 at 10:58 AM

    AMEN!!! And thank you for saying that. No need to reply back…I know you’re smiling. lol – Had to do it.

  4. ROFL…. this is TOO funny! I love it! And agree! 🙂

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