Top 10 Ways to Make It Through Today

Some days I can’t breath.

You know that feeling?  One trial after another. A new crisis on the tail of an old one. A surprise punch to the stomach when you had finally began to breath again.  I’m there right now – doubled over sucking in the scarce air around me.  Oh, it’s nothing life threatening, but the challenges of life can be paralyzing if we let them.

Praise God for an article I read this morning from Ryan Frank, editor of K! magazine.  I’ve adapted his top 10 ways to breathe easier in ministry to fit my little world:

When you just can’t seem to catch your breath…

1. Get the monkeys off your back. A monkey is something that hangs on your back day and night and won’t let go.  Confront the issue head on.  Deal with it.  It’s not going away.  You are carrying something that God did not design you to carry.

2. Get training. You are stalled.  There is a new and better way out there to help you proceed.  Your old ways are not cutting it.  Find someone who is having success through your particual issue and learn from them.

3. Delegate. Get experienced people to help you. “You ain’t heavy, you’re my brother.” The Christian community needs to begin to act like the community God designed us to be.  There are things in your life right now that I can help you with.  That is my gifting.  Allow me to walk in my gifting by helping you…..and you helping me.

4. Renew yourself spiritually. You’re like a sponge. If you give out and give out but never absorb, you will turn dry and crusty like an old sponge. You need to absorb as you give out. Place yourself under the teaching of your pastor. Listen to good Bible teachers online or on the radio. Read books. Spend time alone with God. When you absorb you have a lot more to give away.  Renew every morning.  Make it a habit.

5. Get control of your tasks; don’t let your tasks control you. Sometimes you would breathe easier if you simply got organized.  You have no more excuses to NOT get organized.  Technology makes this so easy.  If you have not invested in a “smart phone” do so this year.  Carrying your contacts, calendars, and to-do lists on your hip, pocket, or purse will help you get and stay organized.  And if you are going to spend the money on a smart phone – get yourself an iPhone.  I promise you, you will wonder how in the world you ever made it though your days without one.

6. Learn from others. Be a life-long learner.  What are the current trends? What new products are available that will breathe some fresh air into your life?

7. Be a planner. Anticipate what is coming ahead. Buy a calendar and start planning in advance.  Advanced planning takes so much stress and pressure off of our days.

8. Treat yourself to something special now and then. Sometimes you need to do something for yourself. Buy some new clothes.  For me, its a trip to Buckle.  No one sells shirts like Buckle.

9. Make much of prayer. We often grow weary  because we try to do everything ourselves. The Lord wants to help you! Talk to Him!  Do those around you recognize that prayer is a priority in your life?

10. Don’t take yourself and those around you too seriously. You’ll breathe easier in life if you learn to lighten up. Take time to have some fun. Learn to laugh at yourself.


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