The (not so) Artful Apology

I’m sorry.


I said it.

Isn’t that enough????

Apologizing is both an art AND a science. Truly thoughtful apologies rebuild relationships, but a careless, rushed or thoughtless “I’m sorry” will do more harm than good—so be careful in what you say and do!

The “I’m sorry line” is long this week!  Let’s take a peek to see whose in line:

In case you missed it, last week Miley Cyrus apologized for a photo in which she was making slanted eyes at the camera; Michael Phelps apologized for being photographed with a device for smoking marijuana; Lane Kiffin slanders the University of Florida; Alex Rodriguez apologized for taking steroids, and Christian Bale apologized for verbally berating a crew member on a movie set for about five minutes.

A closer look:
In the wake of that, the Organization of Chinese Americans are still not forgiving Miley for what they called a “half-hearted apology,” She said she believed it was silly that people were reading so much into it and she was sorry if she offended anyone.


The new head football coach opened his young mouth and inserted his foot the other day when he accused his rival of cheating.  Turns out that his accusation was not illegal, in fact, it was common practice in the world of recruiting.  When the misinformed coach was confronted with the truth, he issued the following statement – “If I offended anyone at the University of Florida…I sincerely apologize.”


Howard Troxler in the St. Pete Times quotes another example of insincerity when he recalled John Gibson’s “…to anyone offended by my comments” apology to his on air mocking of the death of Heath Leger.


Live long enough and we will all certainly be given the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from someone. For the love of God, can we drop the conditions?

Anything less than “I was absolutely wrong to _________, will you please forgive me, is insincere and a waste of breath.  As Troxler put it, “Either admit it and try to make amends or stick to your guns. But stop weaseling out with the “if I offended line.”



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