What Could Iran and Alabama Possibly Have in Common?

God is a big big God.

So why is my view of Him is most often myopic?  I see Him through my lens.  And my lens is usually laser focused on my little corner of this universe.  So anytime I can stretch that view, my God is magnified.  And magnifying God is what we are all called to do.

Check out this world survey from Gallup:

Social scientists have noted that one thing that makes Americans distinctive is our high level of religiosity relative to other rich-world populations. Among 27 countries commonly seen as part of the developed world, the median proportion of those who say religion is important in their daily lives is just 38%. From this perspective, the fact two-thirds of Americans respond this way makes us look extremely devout.

What’s more, as Gallup’s Frank Newport recently pointed out, there is wide regional variation in religiosity across the 50 American states.



The proportion of those who say religion is important in their daily lives is highest in Mississippi, at 85% — a figure that is slightly higher than the worldwide median (among all countries, rich and poor). Two others, Alabama (82%) and South Carolina (80%) are on par with the worldwide median.

Lining up these percentages with those on our worldwide list allows us to match residents of the most religious states to the global populations with which they are similar in terms of religiosity. The results produce some interesting comparisons — Alabamians, for example, are about as likely as Iranians to say religion is an important part or their lives (82%).

While you are praying today, how about praying for God to be magnified today in Estonia and Vermontwhere they think they need Him the least.




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