My Friend

He and I met through a common friend…on the Internet.

That’s sometimes how friendships begin, right?

Our common buddy is Donny, a blogger who speaks our language.  Through comments on Donny’s blog, we began to exchange thoughts.  I listed him on my favorite blogs I read, and he did the same with mine.

I love it when this HUGE world in which we live becomes small. We are separated by 2839.04 miles – him on the west coast and me the east.

So when Andy emails me that he and his beautiful family will be in Orlando doing the Micky thing, I knew it was worth a shot.  “Will you drive 2 hours to Tampa on a Sunday so that we can meet and I can host you and your family at church?” Andy said yes.

He is fighting the good fight in far left city of San Francisco, while I am doing the same in the center of Hedonism – Florida.

The true mark of a friend is one that encourages you in your faith.

It was a technology based social network that brought us together. Nontraditional?  Maybe.  But not for long. It’s time that the Christian community leverage technology to advance the Kingdom.  What Satan wants to use to destroy the very fabric of our walk, we must begin to use for good!

Andy encourages me through my laptop.  And yesterday he encouraged me face to face.


Thank you God for friends like Andy.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mom on February 16, 2009 at 3:42 PM

    Wow! How nice and how nice to have that common thread….Jesus Christ. You will be friends forever Roy. This is really special.

  2. Thanks for the hospitality and good times. On Sunday. What an awesome service, great message, great music, great kids program – great time meeting you finally. We are truly blessed to be brothers in Christ, knowing each other through these blogs. Looking fwd to your trip West one day soon and visiting us in SF and Pacifica!

  3. Hey Roy! My name’s Andy, I got a blog! I’m in Canada… Next time I”m down you can buy me lunch too!

  4. Andy F – I just checked the fine print. Sorry, the free blog friend lunch only extends to the US borders……;)

    You know I would be honored to break bread with you my brother anytime you make it back home! May even buy…..

  5. Andy L. – You have a beautiful family! Thank you for taking time out of our vacation to hang out with me Sunday morning. May God continue to bless your ministry and bless our budding friendship. Cant wait to take a trip out west!

  6. […] *in case you’re curious, Roy blogged about our meeting here… […]

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