A Circular Relationship

images1Most missionaries will attest to this phenomenon.

Their experiences demonstrate the circular relationship of gospel and culture: the gospel challenges the culture which, in turn, illuminates the gospel.

Actio sequitur esse = action follows essence.  Who we are down deep inside, is what we do everyday.

As believers in Christ a subconscious relationship exists between doing good things and a heart fashioned after God.  As Richard Foster points out ” Vigorous acts of social righteousness in the name of Jesus, even when done from raw obedience, will surely impact the inner life for good. Doing the works of God will incline the heart toward the ways of God.”

But our hearts can only be transformed by the love of Jesus.  Luke 6:45 is clear – the good tree that, by its very nature, produces good fruit.  “The good man brings good things our of the good stored up in his heart, and the eveil man brings evil things out to the evil stored up in his heart.”

Transform our hearts today Lord.


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