Goat Farmer….

7101-henrich-the-goat-farmer-zakopane-polandjpgThe story went something like this:

There was a farmer who had 10 goats.  Every day he would take great care of these goats – personally feeding them, checking their ears, cleaning their pen, etc.  Then one day the farmer became the proud owner of 1000 goats.  He quickly realized that he could no longer give them the personal care that he did when he had just 10, so each day he just tossed some food into their pen and hoped for the best.

The institutional church is in trouble. It’s breeding more discontent than good.

The faithful are scattering out of their traditional bases: The Bible Belt is less Baptist. The Rust Belt is less Catholic.  The American Religious Identification Survey will be released today, and the results are shocking.  The percentage of people who call themselves Christians has dropped more than 11% over the past 10 years.

Over the past 20 years, here is a snapshot of the religious movement in the USA:

– Catholics – down 1.1%

– Baptist – down 3.5%

– No Religion – doubled in size

– Charasmatic – up .3%

– Mormon – stayed the same

– Muslim – doubled  in size

So what?

The report concludes that “The challenge to Christianity does not come from other religions, but from a rejection of all forms of organized religions.”  The church has become the farmer that tosses out the feed and hopes for the best.  A mile wide and an inch deep…..

Time for the farmer to make make some drastic changes.  His flock depends on it.


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