Spinning Plates

Plate spinning is a circus manipulation art where a person spins plates on poles without them falling off. The unbroken world record for spinning multiple plates, verified as a Guinness World Record is held by David Spathaky,  who spun 108 plates simultaneously in Bangkok, Thailand on television in 1996.

June 3, 2009 I stopped trying to break his record.

As the plates come crashing down, one by one, I am left with broken pieces and a shattered perspective. You see, most of the plates I spun year after year were not God’s plates, but mine.

The tension between looking down at the mess and up to my Abba Daddy is extraordinary.

Unable to make sense of the brokeness, I have no choice but to look up.

It is a draw so strong and powerful, yet laced with an undeniable tenderness.

The genesis of healing?

It’s at this very moment that I feel the embrace of His unconditional acceptance of me as I am, not as I should be. As Manning said, He loves me whether in a state of race or disgrace, whether I live up to the lofty expectation of His gospel or I don’t. He reaches down to me where I live, and the middle of my mess, and loves me as I am.

For “God is love” – John 4:16

St. Augustine wrote this line in the 5th century:

Quia amasti me, fecisti me amabilem.

(In loving me, you made me lovable)


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