Truth in Love – part 2


Fred – my counselor

Larry – Fred’s mentor

Me – Playing myself

Fred: “Let me tell you a story…”

I love stories!  In fact, stories (or parables) can communicate truth sometimes more effectively than the truth itself.

I asked my counselor “Will you teach me what it means to speak the truth in love?”

Fred agreed to do so using a simple yet painful conversation he had with his mentor Larry.

Larry asked Fred – “You know I love you.  You know that I care for you.  I treasure our friendship.  Do you know that?  Do you believe that?

“I do, of course I do” Fred answered in anticipation.

Larry then asked Fred – “Do I have permission to speak into your life right now and say some hard things?  Some things that you may find difficult to hear?”

Fred told me that he sheepishly nodded in approval and gripped the arm rest of the couch.

What Fred heard from his trusted friend was extremely difficult to hear.  He said it was as if his friend pierced his heart with a sword, twisted it, and yanked it out with a mighty force.


Fred then asked me – “Roy, do you see it?  Do you get what it means to speak the truth in love?”

The story has complex layers.  Here are a few:

  • – the friend had earned the right to speak truth
  • – he reaffirmed his love for Fred
  • – Larry asked permission
  • – Larry did not sugar coat the truth
  • – Fred received the difficult yet truthful insight from his friend.

Lord, may we speak the truth in love today in such a way that brings honor to you and your children.


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  1. Awesome. Thanks for this, bro!

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