Leveraging Tech for the Kingdom

In less than an hour I am hosting a Board Meeting that has all indications of yuck….big time yuck.  My spirit  is heavy.
Pray right?  Right.  Ask others to pray too? Right.
Enter Facebook/Twitter where my closest friends are but Tweet away.  Isn’t it about time that we leverage technology to advance the Kingdom?  So I put out a plea for prayer, and within minutes I was blessed.
Here are a few:
  • Yes I’ll pray. Remember if it’s hurtful, it gives you yet another idea to what Jesus felt like. If I need to pray down lightning lemme know.
  • Praying Roy. May you find favor and grace before God and man. God bless you.
  • Of course; any time, night or day, my friend…
  • Prayed for you right now…
  • Praying with you – believing God to go before you!
  • Raising a sword for you bro!
  • Interceding for you.
  • Listen to Phil Wickham’s “Safe” before your Board Meeting today. Praying for you as I listen to this song. Be blessed.

My spirit has been lifted.  Thank you Lord for the tools you have given us to do your work.  May we take what satan may intend for evil to advance your Kingdom.


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