Mind Mapping

How do we make sense of all of these touch points?  I have spent months trying to figure out how to coordinate all of these ever increasing social networks and tools!  There must be a way that technology can be harnessed for “good” instead of allowing it to suck us deeper and deeper into it’s warp speed evolutions.

Enter Mind mapping. I know, sounds weird.  I had to get past that too.  But this little tool has helped me make sense of life with life seems to confusing. I use MindNode

Chris Brogan wrote  “Outposts are  touchpoints where you connect with others in some way.  You might weigh your outpost efforts differently. You might determine where else you spend time (various forums, Flickr, etc) that contribute to your strategy, but without keeping your home base central and your outposts as a secondary part of the value, I think leads to a bit of frustration.”

Just something to think about…


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