Pet Zebra?

Seemed an innocent enough question: “Why have zebras never been domesticated? Aren’t they basically horses?”

I knew I was about to trade an hour of my life chasing some understanding…and would have to somehow marry Zebras with a God truth for my life.  Buckle in.

“They’re all equids,” said Christina Simmons, San Diego Zoo spokeswoman. “They’re all in the horse family, but they’re not super close. I guess you could say, loosely, they’re cousins.”

Why this continued to be interesting to me, only God knows…but stay with me.

For thousands of years zebras have run wild, and their only way to survive was to run or bite or kick.  Those that didn’t were the ones that were eaten, and eventually weeded out – even the gentle cuddly ones.

So it seems logical that if you wanted to live, you learned survival skills…even as a striped horse.

Simmons adds that the domestication process of a species “takes hundreds or thousands of generations.  What happens is you actually change the species.  If we were to domesticate a zebra, it would no longer be a zebra.”

Struggling with a friend of loved one? Trying so hard to change him or her?

Domestication could take how long? Thousands of generations?  Hmmmmm.  And then, even if we were successful in our change effort – we would end up with something completely different that what we started with?

Maybe we should learn to appreciate God’s creation….funny stripes and all.


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