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Full Dark

Gone is my Facebook account.  Dang, I miss it!  Thought giving that up was enough.  Really did…


It was just the beginning – call it God’s economy.

When He wants it all, He really wants it ALL.

Challenged by my pastor, my friend Bobby who sticks closer than a brother, and an unrelenting pursuit by the Holy Spirit, I surrender.  I give up God…

Against my flesh, but in obedience to Him ,I’m going “full dark” – joining my deactivated Facebook will be Twitter and my blog.  Ouch, even hard to write.

But right now, in this season of my journey, He wants all of me.  He wants my focus, my attention, my love.  He wants that 2 hours a day that I have devoted to my blog for over 3 years now. He wants the Twitter Litter too (thanks Bobby).  I sense He has prepared for me a focused message, and it’s ready for delivery…a message that’s playing out in and thru my life right now, in real time.  I’m to capture this message in written form for some other purpose.  And to do so, I must remove the noise, even the good noise.

So call it a break from the online world.  I hope to be back…I want to be back….I dont want to leave!  But if I really mean “more of Him and less of me”……yea…it really is all about obedience – following the strange instructions of the Holy Spirit.

To those of you who were kind enough to stop by this little blog, thank you for your constant words of love and encouragement.  You blessed me.  For those interested, I hope to personally update you on my journey.

So, perhaps without this little almost daily diversion, a new season of sharing and receiving His love awaits…for you too.