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Of Hockey Fights and Spiritual Warfare

I love a good hockey fight.  It’s the most testosterone packed 10 seconds around.

If you too are a fan of the fights, check out the website HockeyFights.  It’s an NHL player favorite, full of pre-fight info such as who is your opponent’s brawler, how much does he weigh, how many penalty minutes does he have, and most importantly – is he a righty or lefty…or BOTH!

As I read an article in Men’s Journal by Charles Coxe about fight strategies, I saw God, Satan, and our daily battles with our enemy.   Here it is from a hockey fight perspective.  Can you see any spiritual warfare parallels?

1. Study Hard – Scout your opponent

(Hockey players have  We have the Word of God)

2. Don’t Back Down – The worst thing you can do is back down…chicken out.

(Hockey players fight for pride.  We fight to remain in the game so that we can advance the Kingdom)

3. Get a Handle – With about 10 seconds to throw punches before the ref steps in, many fighters launch haymakers off the opening bell.  But the winner is usually the one who shows restraint.  Get a good grip on your opponent’s jersey or arm. You then control his movement and power.

(Hockey players strategize, we are called to armor up every day)

4. Strike First – Once you have restrained him, hit first.  When you get stung, you think defense too much.

(Hockey players will get bloodied, so will us Christians.  Choose to go on the offensive instead of waiting)

5. Stay Balanced – If you have balance you control your enemy.

(Hockey players train their legs for max balance.  We must strike spiritual balances between spiritual disciplines to be effective)

6. Use Your Head – Sometimes you have to take a punch to give a punch.  The hardest part of your head is your forehead, so if you gotta take a hit, take it there.

(Sometimes the best strategy for both Hockey Players and us Christians is to DUCK!)